X Beats the Devil

S. K. Nicholas


Herbie ran as fast as his little legs would allow. He ran so fast that the bumbling bumblebees couldn’t keep up with him, nor the scuttling spiders or the fledgling field mice who had been drawn to her song and now to his. With that incy-wincy nose of his, he sniffed out the scent of cotton candy that drifted through the summer air. It was warm and sugary, and although he wasn’t sure if he would like it or not, he wanted to taste it more than anything, and not just that, to catch a glimpse of the sights and sounds wrapped up in the magic of this sublime new smell. He was a hamster possessed; not only by her song but now his own. Hot on his tail, X ran with her arms held out either side of her in an attempt to catch the sun. It wasn’t falling…

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Pubblicato da Antonella Lallo

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