Discovering our food: beans

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Hello my dear readers,

Last day of September is here, another month has passed by and new opportunities are coming.

Are you ready to discover another of our wonderful foods? Today join me and let’s discover the beans.

Everything you need to know about beans_Popsicle Society

Beans, like many other legumes, represent one of the most consumed foods in the world and among the different civilizations there has always been their symbolic classification.

In ancient times, the bean was considered a symbol of immortality due to its prerogative of regaining freshness with the simple immersion in water.

In ancient Egypt, the “Dolichos” (eye beans) was the ritual food of the priests but among the Romans they were consumed by the people and Virgil called them “vilem phaseulum” because they were too common and therefore unworthy of illustrious families.

Considered legumes of very insignificant food value, especially during the Middle Ages, the beans became a Christian symbol of continence…

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